Labor Rates-Lawnmowers

$35-for Working equipment, plus parts

$55-for Non-working equipment, plus parts

* We do not repair any riding mowers, ZTR’s, or commercial grade mowers EXCEPT to sharpen blades and change oil only*

Sharpen/Balancing Blades

Lawnmower blade-off unit-$5 on unit- $10 (includes cleaning of underside of deck)

Labor Rates-Chainsaws/Backpack & Hand Blowers/String Trimmers/Others

$35-for Working equipment, plus parts

$55-for Non-Working equipment, plus parts

Sharpen/Balancing Blades

Chainsaw blade-off unit-$5 on unit- $10 (cleaning of blade, chain bar, sprocket area)

Warranty Info

**30-day Warranty on Parts and Labor-this does not include the use of bad fuel or the attempted self-repair**

Parts & Time of Repair

***All parts not in stock are ordered through,, and Jack’s Small and the customer will pay for shipping and taxes as required. Since I work outside in my backyard, weather will be a factor in the timeliness of your repair. I will contact you regarding any parts, prices, or delays as needed.***

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