This is my story………

Hello, my name is Edward (Ed) Stavola and thank you for visiting my website, Small-Engine-Repair.com located in San Antonio, Texas.

A few years ago I started repairing lawnmowers and other small engine equipment for my neighbors out of my backyard because I am a retiree and I needed some extra income. I was able to do the repairs in a timely manner without my customers having to bring it back to me for the same repair over and over. As I spoke with my growing customer base, I saw a a few trends develop- first, my friends and neighbors could not transport their equipment to/from a local repair shop, and they could not understand why it took weeks for their repairs to be made. Here I am today, offering free pickup and delivery of your equipment and more importantly, repairing your equipment right the first time in a timely manner, usually the same day.

I take great pride in my work, and because I work by myself, with little overhead, you’ll find my prices are reasonable, and my service unquestionable. If you don’t believe that, please go to Nextdoor.com and search up Ed Stavola or “small engine repair”. I do not have one bad review. That should say something, I hope.

Many thanks for visiting my page and I hope to meet or speak with you soon, whether it is to service your equipment, give you some free repair advice over the phone, or maybe to order that hard to find part.


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