Have you gone outside to start your lawnmower and it won’t start? Have you tried to start any of your small engine equipment and the rope breaks. A teenager runs over the tree stump or water meter cover and the mower stops. Does it always seems to happen when family or friends are coming over to visit, or worse yet, it happens on the weekend when none of the repair shops are open!

Welcome to Small Engine Repair! I started my small engine repair business a few years ago because of reasons like those mentioned and because of two major issues. First, you have no way to transport your equipment to a shop to get it fixed, and finally it seems to take forever to get your mower back from the shop. You’ll find my small engine repair business is:

-honest & dependable service-fixed right the first time-

-fast & reliable service-repaired within days if not the same day-

-reasonably priced-

I offer free delivery and pickup, and to meet your busy schedule, you don’t even have to be there for me to pick it up or drop it off. All of this is just a phone call away.

So next time your mower won’t start, the weedeater bogs down a bit, your blower doesn’t blow, or your chainsaw doesn’t cut, call me and I’ll be there to service your equipment. If you’re a do it yourselfer and you need help with something, call me for that as well. Most of the time I can walk you through the repair and save you some money. I look forward to hearing from you soon…………


13700 Judson Road
San Antonio, Texas 78233